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Whom Do We Trust and what is Real?

January 11, 2009

The events that unfolded at Satyam made me sad especially at the fast declining morals/ethics among us. What is it that we are living and working for? Each new day I see us taking many steps backward. The human greed and zeal to have their tribe more dominant is increasing by the moment.


New scams and new regulations do not seem to be enough for people to be creative, unfortunately in a negative way, to beat the system. In the case of Satyam what is more shocking is the number of awards they have got for corporate governance: how did Ramalinga Raju maintain such plain face, and even a smile, while accepting such awards?  Is there something alled conscience or is it that we make more money at any cost. It is amazing that 53,000 (or is it?) employees were not thought of while such a fraud was committed.


All of us want to have more of everything: bigger cars, bigger apartments, more bank balances and the number of people joining the rat race is increasing. Do we have the judgement and ability to say enough: I do not know what difference it makes if the cash is 100 crores or 200 crores both are obscenely high anyways! I am not for a moment saying we should not make money but the purpose and the medium adopted of making that is what I am questioning.  I know of enough people who made money the right way and use it for the right purposes


While everyone needs to have comfortable lives they seem to forget the wealth amassed is going to be with them or should I say they are going to be with the wealth for a limited period of time – alas we humans have a limited time span – and herein is the point of whether wealth at any cost is sustainable to mankind.


Coming back to Ramalinga Raju, unfortunately for him, he has been caught but all of us have the urge to transgress into the negative. I am hoping for a serious introspection into the way we lead our lives.


On a more philosophical level Tim O’Reilly’s article  on how we are all complicit in making the world a notional one is quite topical. As Adi Shankaracharya exhorted when will we realise all this is Maya and understand the Real…