Time for Introspection and a Positive Outlook

My political affiliations are quite clear from the earlier posts of mine and hence am quite disappointed with the election results where BJP lost out to the Congress. I do hope that the BJP will introspect on what went wrong and start working towards reconstructing from the grassroots and be ready for the next elections.

The BJP has many failings but I still believe that it is more fit to rule our country rather than the Congress led UPA dispensation.  Some of the factors that went against the Party which could have been avoided are:

  • The spat between Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh was unnecessary and the hours of time that went into resolving the issue would have been better utilized winning the elections
  • The Party should have not fielded Varun Gandhi as this would have sent a clear message to the people. At the same time the media went into an overdrive on this while it refused to take the statements made by the Congress party’s representatives in Chandigarh that if the person were an imam he would have issued for Muslims to vote against BJP.

While these were in the control of the Party the more difficult task is of managing the media – especially the English Mainstream Media – that is clearly anti-BJP.  The anti-BJP coverage – some subtle and some not so – seems to have had an impact on people. The spread of information (or the lack thereof), as is evident by the below points, is something to be scared of and there is an urgent need to remedy the situation:

  • the events in Karnataka, which incidentally was due to a distribution of a book denigrating Hindu gods, was  blown so much out of proportion that not only did people perceive that many Christians were killed (when not one was) but  also portrayed the state government   as a partner in the violence! While violence is not to be condoned, for whatever reason it may be, the media by not probing into the cause of the retaliatory attacks did itself a disservice by not being objective. In the name of being secular can we allow missionaries being so brazen and if that is countered do we call it communal?
  • Similar in the case of Orissa where the reasons of the animosity between both tribes is not probed or the killings of a Swamiji and a Swamini but all blame is on BJP. For sure there is a fair amount of blame on VHP for the violence that followed but giving a simplistic view  is not only unfair but also dangerous
  • The scar of Gujarat needs to be healed – if at all our PM asks about the nation to forget the 1984 anti-Sikg pogrom – and this should be classified as a communal riot rather than a state sponsored genocide. My  reviews on the articles by Harsh mander and Robert Kaplan elaborate these
  • Asking for a uniform civil code is communal but retaining it is secular! If at all we need to look at the other person as an Indian then how come the law treats them differently? 
  • The pub attack by Ram Sena activists is the fault of BJP even if they are in no way connected to the party.
  • Congress and other “secular parties” that tie-up with parties that are based on a religious identity are secular; the church can ask its followers to vote for a party and that is secular but if Mr. Advani writes a letter to religious leaders of all faiths seeking for direction it is communal
  • History can be re-written without strong enough evidence but protesting that academically and logically is fundamentalist. I have seen enough times where facts were changed  and if these are countered there is a tirade which either end up as these guys are fundamentalists or they are not trained historians
  • How come when Hindus are arrested it becomes saffron terror with no sane voice coming out
  • The sartorial preferences of Priyanka Gandhi mentioned so adoringly or the innocence of Rahul Gandhi are repeated ad nauseam as if these are good enough  qualifications for someone to rule the country
  • No strong protest when a body appointed by the US Government is allowed permission to check if the religious minority is being treated well by the state, what a shame
  • Our Prime Minister loses sleep about the wrong treatment of a Muslim in Australia or claims Muslims have the first right on the National resources  and no one thinks it is worth debating on this as they would have lost their secular credentials

There are many more issues and I am not getting into the details but the intention is to urge people to discern and take an educated stance.

While the BJP needs to address these in a more planned way I believe that  people who have similar thoughts need to get into a more active role )myself included) to help change these views.

I know it is very tough to change people’s perceptions – I used to think on the same lines as I was fed with the same bit of “facts and truths” – and even now when I try to speak to friends they either mention “why are you getting into this” or simply refuse to listen to the point of view. I do respect that people are free to have their opinions and ideologies but my only submission will be to get to the facts and then make a choice, whatever that may be.  

My resolve has only strengthened and want to work with other groups like “Friends for BJP for whom the work has only begun. More importantly, the efforts need to be concentrated in the offline world where the masses can be reached rather than focusing more on blogs and the online space. the next time around. We Indian need something better and it is upto us to create our future… 


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